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Brooklyn Finest

The boxing club in Essen

Your boxing club in Essen in the style of the 60s- Years for boxing, fitness boxing and cross training.

Our boxing training is first-class for your fitness and health. You will learn boxing with our qualified trainers. Boxing at Brooklyn Finest relieves stress and strengthens the entire body, especially the functional back muscles. We offer a lotmore than a normal boxing club. Strengthen your muscles with oursAthletics training. Our boxing training is a full body workout. If you don't want to train in a group, we also offer individual personal training. 

Children's boxing trainingtakes place four times a week,

for children aged 6 - 9 and 10 - 14 years.

 This training includes a child-friendly boxing training and gymnastics program.

Free trial training.

We, or a trainer, will take care of your trial trainingexclusively about you.

In the first 20-30 minutes we will show you the basics of professional boxing. You will then take part in the group boxing course, where you will continue to receive personal support.

Your Brooklyn Finest Boxing Club team is looking forward to seeing you.

 We also offer strength training in our weight room. 

Premises cleaned and disinfected daily.


You won't find any bitches, rednecks or thugs here.

Kostenloses Probetraining.

Beim Deinem Probetraining kümmern wir uns, oder ein Trainer/in ausschließlich nur um Dich.

In den ersten 20-30 Minuten zeigen wir Dir die Grundlagen des Profiboxen. Danach nimmst Du am Box-Kurs in der Gruppe teil, wo du auch weiterhin persönlich betreut wirst.

Dein Brooklyn Finest Box-Club Team freut sich auf Dich.

 Krafttraining bieten wir auch noch zusätzlich in unserem Kraftraum an. 

Täglich gereinigte und desinfizierte Räumlichkeiten.


Zicken, Proleten und Schläger wirst du bei uns nicht finden.

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