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Instructions for booking the trial training

This is how you can register for the trial training:

  1. Click on the Training Times button in the top bar

  2. Choose course

  3. Butten-register now for trial training - button below

  4. Click on Blauer Butten at the top right to book a trial training session

  5. Select day and time

  6. Continue WITHOUT registration

  7. Fill it out and send it, you will then be registered directly in the course

  8. Please drive Max-Keith-Straße to the end

  9. On the right in the meadow there is a life-sized plastic cow, there on the right down the parking lot,

  10. Follow signs

  11. Up the stairs to the right


Wear normal sports clothing and bring something to drink and a towel. We will provide you with the boxing gloves.


Welcome and have fun with us

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